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The Challenge

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The life sciences industry is highly regulated when it comes to the development and approval of products and services. Intellectual property rights, be it in the form of own patents and patent applications or in form of a license to patents and/or know-how, are usually the sole asset of a life sciences start-up company at its incorporation. Life science start-ups need a lot of financing to create value in developing products and services towards marketing approval and commercialization. And only a product or service on the market brings its benefit to those in need, the patients!


All these aspects require many years of experience and knowledge to cope with all regulatory and legal requirements to setting up a start-up company in a way that it is attractive for the founders, employees and investors, and to ensure that it only enters into contracts and business relationships and runs its operations in a way not jeopardizing its existence while pursuing all opportunities to increase its valuation and to permit a successful exit transaction (trade sale or IPO) for the benefit of all its stakeholders.


But which start-up company with its limited financial and other resources can afford all this?

See the Solution.

The Solution





OSICOS has created a new and refreshing approach to all these needs of legal and strategic advice by offering a start-up the opportunity to have its own, experienced in-house counsel – when it needs him, at defined and budgeable cost, and with access to a broad and well-established network to industry specialists and financing resources. And, if and when needed, with Blum&Grob Attoneys at Law Ltd. we bring in more legal resources and additional specific legal know-how and experience of a renowned law firm, e.g. when your exit transaction is due to be successfully executed.

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