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OSICOS offers OutSourced In-house COunsel Services for start-up companies mainly in the life sciences industry. Together with the team of your start-up company and on the basis of your business plan, OSICOS using its 20+ years’ experience defines the expected needs for legal, strategic and financing advice and support for the next 12 months.


Based on the agreed upon assumptions and needs, your start-up then purchases these services from OSICOS – on a yearly flat fee basis, payable in equal monthly instalments, with no additional cost or expenses (other than VAT).

   -  OSICOS offers you your own experienced in-house counsel

   -  Flexible as you need him

   -  Easy to budget, with no surprises at the end of the month

Interested? Contact us for a first meeting to get to know each other and let us see what OSICOS can offer to your start-up – with a new and refreshingly attractive approach to render legal, strategic and more advice.

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